VJ Sanam

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VJ Sanam

VJ Sanam

Q1.Why are you a vj?

It was completely accidental, I was called for an audition and that’s from where my VJ-ing journey started. Now that I am a VJ I enjoy my work and its best when you know that you can put a smile on someone’s face out there.

Q2.Track as a sound track of your life?

A. “It’s my life by bon jovi” and “chahey koi mujhey jungle kahey”.

Q3.Highest level of education?

A.B.COM from KU & currently doing BBA.

Q4.Future plans for career?

A. As of now I don’t really know my plans keep on fluctuating but I always wanted to give CSS and serve the country, I just want to make it happen soon, and I definitely will make it happen.

Q5.Why is music your passion?

  1. Music is my passion because I love the fact that it reminds us of different memories, its a universal language and it’s the best way to convey a message. Music is always there to support you no matter how happy or depressed you are it’s always there as a companion.

2 Responses to “VJ Sanam”

  1. Hi Sanam…i love ur show “Girl Power” n i watch play tv just cuz of u 😛

  2. hiya…wuzz up! Yeah it is best when u put smile on ur face sanam…u hav a gorgeous smile, keep smiling n be happy alwayz,liv lyfe fully.Musik is also ma passion,i love music it makes ma mind fresh,may god gives success to u on each n evry steps of lyfe.in short SANAM RoX…!

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